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Create An HTTP Endpoint

Beeceptor provides a secure HTTPS endpoint designed for crafting mock APIs, streamlining HTTP request debugging, and seamlessly proxying traffic to third-party services.

Create Mock Server and Manage Routes

Beeceptor is your no-code mock server. Define rules for incoming requests, generating mock responses when requests are hit. CORS supported, fast, 99% uptime.


Leverage Beeceptor's CRUD feature for seamless API prototyping and integration. Automatic entity storage, JSON schema flexibility, and pure JSON Rest APIs to accelerate development.

Generate Fake Data For Mock API Response

Beeceptor's robust template engine lets you create large volumes of synthetic data instantly. Whether you need CSV or JSON data, you can produce users, companies, profiles, random email addresses, etc.

HTTP Request History

Search by request path, payload, response status, and more. Refine results with facets. Access request and response details for ten days, aiding debugging and audits.

Inspect HTTP requests

Watch this demo to see how to inspect incoming request payloads and headers. When dealing with JSON payloads, easily format them on the spot.

Local Tunneling

Optimize development workflow with local tunneling. Bind localhost web services to public endpoints. Share with UI developers and enabling callbacks or webhooks for external service notifications.

Masking HTTP Headers

Enhance data security with Beeceptor's HTTP Header Masking - a key feature for enterprise plans ensuring secure, compliant, and private data management.

Mock Server Security

Protect the mock server against unauthorized access by configuring custom HTTP header for enhanced security.

Origin Whitelist For CORS

Efficiently configure CORS in APIs with Beeceptor. A step-by-step guide for secure, controlled origin management. Ideal for API developers and security experts.

Proxy HTTP Requests To Another Server

Beeceptor wrap any 3rd party API and gives you complete traffic control. Inspect and mock requests in real-time for unrivaled testing and debugging. Explore the illustration below.

Rate Limits For API Endpoints

Explore Beeceptor's rate limits feature for enhanced API testing. Set maximum request limits per second, minute, or hour on your endpoint. Flexible configuration, fast updates.

Sharing A Beeceptor Endpoint

Beeceptor simplifies endpoint management with collaborative capabilities. Team members get full access, including dashboard use, request interception, rule creation/modification, and request history viewing.

Single Sign On Configuration

Beeceptor provides SAML 2.0-based Single Sign-On (SSO) login support, facilitating integration with identity management tools such as Google Workspace, Azure Active Directory, and Okta.

White Labeled Endpoints

Domain white labeling lets you utilize your own domain, concealing Beeceptor's sub-domain. Ideal for demo presentations and brand visibility.