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API Overview & Authentication

Welcome to the Beeceptor API Reference. This document describes Beeceptor APIs in details. If you're new to Beeceptor, create an account and explore about the features. Beeceptor APIs are available with Team plans and above.

In the rest of the documentation, the mention of Beeceptor endpoint refers to the sub-domain name that you have created.


Beeceptor APIs are available with our Team plan and above.


All calls to the API need to start with the following base URL.


Authenticate each request by setting the Authorization header with a valid API key. Here is an example of passing HTTP header for authenticating API requests:

"Authorization": "14ac5499cfdd2bb2859e4476d2e5b1d2bad079bf"

Quick Facts:

  • APIs are available for endpoints having active Team plan (Pricing). If the subscription has expired, the API authentication will stop working.
  • An API key is bound to only one Beeceptor endpoint. This allows you to have independent API keys for each endpoint. An endpoint can have multiple API keys as well.
  • Deleting an API key will revoke all access related to the API key. Revoking shall take up to 5 minutes to be effective.
  • Make sure to store your API keys somewhere secure, never share them publicly or commit in code/version-control.

You can create and manage API Keys in the Beeceptor dashboard or under account management.



Beeceptor APIs are JSON Rest APIs. Here are some of the facts for quickly summarize integration behavior.

  • All the API calls has request or response body has JSON payload.
  • HTTP header Content-Type as application/json should be added to all the POST/PUT requests. The same you can expect in the response headers.
  • Beeceptor APIs use HTTP status codes to indicate success and failures.
    • A successful API call will have 200 as HTTP response code unless explicitly specified.
    • A failed API call will have status code as 400 for the validation errors. Any other status code will be mentioned in the respective API description.