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Sample API For Testing

Software development quite often requires integrations with APIs, and involves dependencies that can slow down development process. This is where the need for a sample API becomes apparent. Beeceptor offers a hosted sample APIs that simulate real-world scenarios without the overhead of setting up an actual backend server or code deployments. Here's how you can leverage Beeceptor's capabilities:

Create a new sample API of your choice

  1. Visit the Beeceptor page and sign-up or login

  2. Enter a name for your endpoint and click 'Create Endpoint'. This endpoint will be your dedicated server for the dummy APIs.

  3. Configure the endpoint by defining your API. This involves choosing a method (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc.) and setting the path (e.g., /users, /products). Beeceptor allows you to declare JSON, XML, or plain text responses, making it versatile for different use cases. creating a mocking rule

  4. Copy the endpoint URL and use in the code to test the API.

Use pre-built sample APIs

Beeceptor also provides a range of pre-built mock servers for common use cases. These can be incredibly useful for standard functionalities to help with dummy API to retrieve user profiles with photo, sample blog application, API for a list of sample companies, E-commerce API design for product lists, Crypto wallet's API design, etc.

You can access APIs by visiting the Beeceptor's Pre-built Mock Servers page and selecting the one that best fits your use case. These APIs cover a broad range of scenarios and are designed to be plug-and-play. Since these are CORS-enabled, you should have no trouble incorporating them into your web or app.

Here are some popular sample API endpoints.

  1. - Returns a list of ten users in JSON format. Every time you hit this, you get a new set of users.
  2. - Get a list of ten random companies.
  3. - A sample Rest API to get a list of To Do tasks.
  4. - A sample JSON Rest API to get a list of blog posts.
  5. - A sample JSON API to get continents' information.

Benefits of Using Beeceptor for Prototyping

  • Speed: Beeceptor's intuitive interface and pre-built APIs significantly accelerate the development process, allowing you to focus on the application's core functionality.

  • Flexibility: The ability to customize APIs fully (response payload, response status, etc) or choose from pre-built options gives you the flexibility to match exact project requirements and move fast.

  • Realistic Testing: With features like response delay simulation and varied response based on request content, you can create a more realistic prototype. E.g. you can showcase a successful (200 OK) and failure (401 Unauthenticated) login based the password entered during a demo. simulate success and failure for login call

  • Ease of Use: Beeceptor has been crafted to prioritize ease of use and platform agnosticism, catering to users of all expertise levels in API or systems integrations. Modifications made to the mock servers are deployed instantly.

Sample or dummy APIs are essential in today's software development. They're not only time-savers but also cost-effective because you don't need to deploy a server. Plus, they're great for validating API integrations. So, whenever you need an API for sandbox testing, prototyping, or demos, Beeceptor is the ideal choice to turn to.