Beeceptor vs WireMock Cloud

Beeceptor is a no-code solution for building and deploying mock servers instantly!
A mock server that never sleeps!

WireMock Cloud is a managed API mocking platform that builds upon WireMock, an open-source API mocking framework. Formerly known as, it underwent re-branding as WireMock Cloud in December 2022. It comes with free and paid plans.

Beeceptor and WireMock Cloud are both powerful tools for creating and deploying mock servers and service virtualization. While they share several similar features such as cloud/hosted services, endpoint naming, forward proxy for call recording, simulating failures, HTTP delays, request history, and handlebar templates, Beeceptor offers distinct advantages over WireMock Cloud. Below is a comparison table that highlights the major benefits of using Beeceptor over WireMock Cloud.
WireMock Cloud
Beeceptor gives you managed mock servers.

It goes beyond API Mocking and supports all kind of HTTP debugging. It gives you a server endpoint to accept HTTP requests, inspect payloads, route the requests to localhost, or a forward proxy.
WireMock Cloud is a managed version of WireMock.

It uses the same open source WireMock package and hosts the exact same features. It is developed by the same team. (The open-source is written in Java.)
Free for 1,500 requests/month (50 requests/day)
(The mock server never sleeps.)
Developer: $10 for 15,000 requests/month
Team: $25 for 100,000 requests/month
Unit: Pricing per API endpoint (subdomain). Unlimited users and sharing.
Free for 1,000 requests/month
(The mock server sleeps after 4 hours.)
Team: $47 for 10,000 requests/month
Unit: Pricing per user or seat.
OAS/Swagger Support
Beeceptor supports OAS with paid plans. You can upload your Open API Specification (or import) any number of times.
WireMock Cloud supports OAS with free and paid plans. The Team plan allows you to import Open API Specification only 15 times a month.
Management of Mocking Rules
Easy to manage mocking rules, priorities, and execution.

  • Mocking rules are executed in a top-to-bottom order, where the first matching rule takes precedence.
  • Easily modify the priority of rules by dragging them to the desired position.
  • Temporarily disable specific rules to control execution flow.
  • Audit logs: Enterprise plan comes with audit logs, which track changes made by the team on an endpoint.
Mocking routes are referred to as stubs, serving as the primary matching criteria for incoming requests. The execution of mocking rules depends on the specified priority index for each stub.

  • You need to manage priority of each stub (request path or route) from a dropdown of [1-10] values. The listing order of stubs is updated on save.
  • You cannot disable a stub temporarily. Instead, you need to delete it.
  • Audit logs: Ability to track changes made by the team on an API is not available with WireMock Cloud
Real time
Beeceptor gives you an engaging real time experience. You can view incoming requests and responses in real time. It uses fanout architecture to push notifications to all the consumers who are currently online.
You need to go to request logs and pull updates by clicking the 'Refresh' button.
Forward Proxy
Beeceptor lets you proxy traffic to the original APIs. The proxy is available at the endpoint level and is used as a fallback.
If there are no matching mocking rules, the request will be routed to the target/real API. This helps you patch new mocks on top of an existing API endpoint.
WireMock Cloud lets you proxy traffic to the original APIs. The proxy is available at the stub level (route or mocking rule).
If you want a fallback, you need to create a proxy stub with the lowest priority value and generic match.
Dynamic Mock Responses
Beeceptor supports Handlebar styled syntax for picking a request's body, headers, query parameters, etc.

Beeceptor supports the following.

  • Supports parameter extraction from JSON payload.
  • FakerJs compatible syntax to generate fake data that looks real. E.g. person names, relative dates, city, country, random numbers, lorem ipsum, etc.
Additional features like extraction from XML payload, conditional logic (if...else, each) and string encoding are part of the product roadmap and will be added soon. Read the docs

WireMock Cloud supports Handlebar styled syntax for picking request's body, headers, query parameters, etc.

WireMock Cloud supports the following.

  • Supports parameter extraction from JSON, XML and JWT payloads.
  • Supports additional helpers like Base64 encode/decode, string manipulation, etc.
  • Supports conditional logic helpers.

Binary Response (File Serving)
Beeceptor supports the uploading of binary files like GZIP, PDF, MP4, etc., to mock binary API responses, facilitating effective simulation and testing of how applications process different file formats.
WireMock Cloud allows for binary content via Base64 encoding, but it requires manual conversion of the file to Base64. This encoded data must then be pasted into the mock configuration, a process that may not be intuitive.
Request Log/History
The call logs (referred as Request History) are available for 10 days with the Team plan and above.

  • You can search and filter history using facets. E.g. request path, HTTP status code, text inside the request or response body, etc.
  • You can download all the requests as a HAR file to visualize locally.
The call logs (referred as Request Log) are available only for the recent 200 requests with all plans.

  • The search and filter are basic and only work on the request path.
  • You cannot download the request logs. You can review only the recent 200 requests.
Local Tunnel
Beeceptor supports local tunneling. As a developer, you can route all the incoming requests to an API service running locally on your development machine.
Read more about Local Tunnel setup.
WireMock Cloud doesn't support local tunnels.
Support for HTTP/2
Beeceptor supports HTTP/2.
WireMock Cloud doesn't support HTTP/2.
White Label
Domain white labeling allows you to use your own domain while concealing Beeceptor's sub-domain/endpoint.
Not available. You cannot bring your own domains with WireMock Cloud.
Beeceptor provides email support with paid plans.
(Priority email support with Enterprise plan.)
WireMock Cloud provides community support with paid plans.
(Priority email support with Enterprise plan.)
*This comparison report evaluates the API Mocking capabilities of various services based solely on publicly available documentation. If you come across any discrepancy, please contact us at support@.Compare Beeceptor with Postman