Unlock Your Localhost's Global Potential

Connect, test, and share your local services globally in a snap!


Download the Beeceptor CLI, compatible with all popular operating systems.

$> npm i beeceptor-cli -g
or download standalone.


Execute the following command to connect a localhost port and securely authorize with the Beeceptor endpoint to establish a connection.

$> beeceptor-cli -p 8080

See detailed instructions here.


Access your local service globally through the Beeceptor endpoint. Open, browse, and share your work, website or APIs from anywhere, anytime.


What is Local Tunnel?

Local tunneling is a niche technique in software development, allowing a service on a local machine to be accessible from anywhere via the Internet. This creates a secure, temporary public URL for your localhost + port combination, ideal for real-time testing and sharing with colleagues and clients. All this, without the need for code deployments to integration or sandbox environments."


Accelerate Your Webhook Development

Revolutionize your webhook development with Beeceptor's Local Tunnel. Instantly expose services on ports like 8080 or 3000 to the Internet. Accept live webhook payloads from third-party systems and debug in real-time, locally. Say goodbye to time-consuming deployments and embrace accelerated webhook development.

Mobile & Cloud Browser Testing Made Easy

Transform the way you test your web application. With Beeceptor, simply run the web application on localhost and setup a tunnel. You'll get a public HTTPs URL, perfect for sharing and collaboration. Test your application's performance on every screen, any device — all effortlessly and zero complexity.


Hassle-Free, Secure, No Firewall Adjustments Needed

Experience the ease of Beeceptor's Local Tunnel as it seamlessly connects your localhost port to the Internet. Utilizing secure HTTP Sockets, it eliminates the need for detailed DNS and firewall configurations. Concentrate on your coding, while Beeceptor handles the network intricacies.

break free from hurdles