Real-Time HTTP Debugging & Monitoring

Beeceptor is a hosted HTTP proxy to help you intercept and debug HTTP requests in real-time!

You will get a free HTTPS endpoint. All the HTTP traffic directed to the Beeceptor domain will be routed to the specified domain. You can monitor these activities in real-time directly from your web browser.

Real-Time HTTP Monitoring

Beeceptor offers domain-to-domain mapping, allowing requests sent to a Beeceptor domain to be directly routed to a target domain. This enables real-time monitoring of HTTP/HTTPs traffic in a web browser, including the inspection of request headers and payloads. Go further and search past requests for efficient debugging and analysis.

beeceptor's proxy is a domain-to-domain mapping

Identify Integration Issues

Pinpoint and fix issues when integrating with external systems, from unexpected behaviors of third-party services. Wrap the target domain with Beeceptor's HTTP Proxy, and steps in to comprehensive API traffic logs, capturing every request and response.

tick Uncover mobile app payloads in real-time
tick Pinpoint and analyze API errors remotely

HTTP Proxy & Routing

The HTTP Routing or HTTP Proxy feature streamlines development by enabling the redirection of requests from one environment to another with minimal configuration.

Respond With Mock Data

Leverage Beeceptor to dynamically respond with mock data. You can define specific response payload and status codes for incoming requests, simulate various application states, error conditions, and network latencies without writing code. Perfect for debugging and testing under controlled scenarios.

create a mock rule with delay

HTTP Echo Server

Beeceptor's HTTP echo server is a web server designed to return a JSON response that mirrors the HTTP request content. Simply copy the echo server URL and send an HTTP request to it. Know more about Echo Server here.