JSON Mock Server

Take Control Of The Dependencies
Craft Perfection in Every Test

Revolutionize your testing with Beeceptor's service virtualization!

Swap Dependencies With Mocks

Replace external dependencies with dynamic mocks, ensuring your testing is unhampered by external factors. Gain full control and consistency in your testing environment.

Simulate Latencies & Failures

Precisely simulate various network conditions including higher latencies, timeouts and API failures for resilience and performance testing.

Get Predictable & Fast Integration Tests

Achieve rapid & consistent testing outcomes with Beeceptor's service virtualization. Reduce the time & efforts spent in troubleshooting & debugging. Deliver quality software faster!

With Beeceptor you gain total control over the behavior of external dependencies. These dependencies are replaced with stubs, giving you full flexibility and precision when building test scenarios.

Why Service Virtualization?

Service virtualization empowers Quality Assurance teams with complete control over the application's dependencies to write precise and comprehensive tests!

  • Increase test coverage: Build scenarios which were previously challenging. E.g high latencies, timeouts, system failures, etc.
  • Reduce reliance on external systems, and improve stability of the test suite.
  • Save on the costs and time when setting up complex test environments.

Record and Mock Upstream Services

Beeceptor revolutionizes the way developers and SDETs interact with upstream services by offering an exceptional HTTP Proxy feature to record original calls. Once recorded, these responses can be modified and instantly deployed as mock services. During the next run of your integration tests, witness the seamless triggering of these mocks, ensuring a robust and efficient testing environment.

Simulate Failures, Increase Test Coverage

Elevates your testing with dynamic mocking to simulate real-world failures, enhancing test coverage significantly. Define mocks with deliberate delays to mimic higher latencies or timeouts, and set up service errors using 5xx status codes for comprehensive testing. This transformative approach increase test coverage, allowing to run integration tests in isolation, and pinpointing bugs in specific services.

Predictable & Fast Integration Tests

Bring predictability and speed to the integration tests with service virtualization. Test seamlessly in a sandbox environment, even when certain components are unavailable. This not only saves costs on third-party APIs but also provides clear insights into how different events and messages navigate through complex architectures. Additionally, the isolation it brings you improve the accuracy and efficiency of the integration test suite.

Integrate with CI, Ship With Confidence

Empower your continuous integration (CI) processes with Beeceptor, where mock definitions can be managed programmatically across various architectures, from microservices to deep integrations with third-party APIs. Additionally, you test API contracts thoroughly by examining request and response payloads. Integrating Beeceptor with your CI pipeline ensures confidence in every line of code change, paving the way for a reliable and robust release.

release software with confidence

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No Code

With just a few clicks, you can instantly deploy mock APIs without the need for any coding skills or complex infra setup.

No Downloads

With Beeceptor, there's no need any download or installation. Get started instantly, right from your web-browser.

No Dependencies

No additional dependencies or packages needed. Configure the API base URL in the code, then mock & debug API calls in the web-browser.