Are Unfinished APIs Slowing You Down?

Build a mock API. Start sending requests. Unblock front-end teams.

Beeceptor is an easiest and straightforward HTTP request & response service designed to provide you with static & predefined HTTP responses. Build a no-code Rest/SOAP API for storing and retrieving data over HTTP.

This will create a public endpoint using the HTTP GET method. You can make changes to the method, latencies, payload, and other HTTP aspects in the next step.

No Code Mocking

Simulate Delays and API Timeouts.
Manage Multiple API Routes.
FakerJs for Realistic Data Generation.
Extract Request Parameters And Send In Response.

Hosted & Free

50 requests/day For Free.
Zero Dependency, No Downloads.
Upgrade for Private Endpoints & Higher Usage.

Real Time

Inspect Incoming Requests In Real Time.
Supports CORS. All origins are accepted.
Send Custom Response For Webhooks Calls.
Compatible with HTTPS and HTTP/2 Protocols.

Tired of the backend server hassle at project kick-off? We've got the solution. Beeceptor gives no-code dummy APIs and JSON data hosting for your apps. Integrate your web/mobile app with the hosted mock API contracts. The best part? Parallel development, ship faster!

Waiting For An API?

Facilitate parallel frontend and backend development by mocking API dependencies with Beeceptor's hosted server. Accelerate time to market.

Tired of CORS Roadblocks?

Temporarily unlock an API from CORS constraints by using Beeceptor's enveloping magic. It supports all origins.

Trying A Webhook?

Create an HTTP endpoint. Capture and review webhook payloads. Forward the requests to a service.

Need To Share API Contracts?

Eliminate guesswork. Share API requests and responses with teammates using Beeceptor's sharable public links.

Unstable Integration Environment?

Gain control over API integration in a broken environment. Host API contracts on Beeceptor as, and seamlessly reroute requests when stability returns.

Prototype Quickly With Beeceptor

Craft lifelike APIs using FakerJs syntax in Beeceptor. Extract request parameters and include them in response payloads.

Looking For A Headless Content Management System?

Leverage Beeceptor's hosted mock APIs as a lightweight CMS solution to remotely change data and control app behavior.

Validate & Iterate On API Design

Iterate rapidly on API designs. Instantly deploy contract changes on Beeceptor's mock, and save time on backend service redeployment.