Build mock APIs in seconds
No downloads, No dependencies, No credit-cards.

Create an endpoint and start building...
A sub-domain will be created for this endpoint where you can send requests.

Faster prototypes and ease of API integration!

Reduce Dependencies and increase developer productivity by deploying mock API contracts. All you need is to create an endpoint, define mocking rules and send mocked responses. Copy the endpoint URL and start sending requests.

It's that simple!
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Trusted by 50,000+ developers and QA engineers across the globe
Beeceptor has been a trusted provider of API design, API mocking, HTTP intercepting/debugging and local-tunnel services for over five years, empowering software teams to work more efficiently. For developers and QA in various industries and enterprises, Beeceptor is widely adopted to reduce inter-team dependencies, and accelerate software delivery.

Inspect HTTP Traffic
Get a named sub-domain and send an HTTP request. You can inspect the request payload and headers here, pretty-format the payloads and share with your peers.
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Build A Mock API
Using Beeceptor, a mock API endpoints is up and ready to be consumed in a few seconds - No Coding Required. Just define API path, matching rule and response payload.
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Proxy Mode - Mock or Forward
Wrap an existing API domain with a Beeceptor endpoint to enable proxy mode. Intercept all the traffic going to the original API. Additionally, you can use mocking rules to mock a few requests and forward the rest to target API.
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Bring Your OAS Spec!
Beeceptor takes your OpenAPI Specification to next level by hosting a mock server with just one click. You can now upload the specification file to an endpoint and start serving requests.
Upload an OAS spec
Dynamic Mocked Response
Use fake data generators and get a near to real mocked response.
Using Templates Variables
Simulate latencies & timeouts
Simulate higher latencies by introducing delays and timeouts to the mocking rules. Helps you validate rarely reachable code paths.
CORS Support (preflight requests)
Beeceptor, comes with CORS support and all origins are accepted out of the box.

Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *
OPTIONS calls will get '200 OK' always.
Named sub-domains and HTTPs!
Get named endpoints/sub-domains - easy to replace base URL in your code. All endpoints are HTTPs enabled (free or paid).
Request Logging
Search and review all the captured requests and responses. You can filter these by the response-code or request-path to drill down. The requests are available and searchable for 10 days.
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Go beyond traditional mocking...

  • Simulate higher latencies by introducing delays and timeouts. This helps you validate rarely reachable code paths.
  • Use reverse proxy to quickly switch APIs endpoints. E.g. A/B testing by switching API endpoints or versions without any redeployment.
  • Send hyper-customized responses using Handlebar template.
  • When load testing your API, do you really need to pass on the load to downstream APIs? Let Beeceptor mock it for you.
  • Don't block your UI developers when backend APIs are still in development. Just mock it!
  • Create webhook endpoints and capture all the incoming requests.
  • Share a request and response with peers using unique links.
  • All endpoints support HTTP, HTTPS and HTTP/2.
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