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IP Whitelisting

IP whitelisting is a security measure that prevents unauthorized access to a system or network by only allowing connections from approved IP addresses. Beeceptor's enterprise edition offers an IP whitelisting feature, enhancing your organization's security by restricting access to your mock servers (or endpoints) to specific IP addresses or ranges. This measure prevents unauthorized access to your organization's endpoints by limiting access to only those IP addresses on the whitelist.


This feature is available with the Enterprise plan.

Setting Up IP Whitelisting

As an organization admin, you can enable IP whitelisting. Once activated, add all relevant IP addresses or ranges from where your mock endpoints may be accessed. Any request that fails IP validation will be terminated with a 403 - Unauthorized IP error.


You can specify IP addresses directly or use CIDR notation to define entire ranges. Any changes made are applied instantly. Before enabling this feature, make sure to prepare a list of known IP addresses from which Beeceptor endpoints are being accessed.

Note: This feature only restricts access to mock endpoints. Users can still access the Dashboard and other management pages on from anywhere.