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White Labeled Endpoints

Domain white label is a configuration where you can bring your own domain and hide the Beeceptor's endpoint. This is quite useful when you are giving a prototype demo and would like to completely hide Beeceptor identity.

For example, assume you own a domain, and have an active subscription to Beeceptor endpoint #my-apis ( With white labeling feature you can send API requests to When the client app hits, the request will be served by and you can use all the features as before.


This functionality is included with the Team plan and above.

Step 1: Create a CNAME record in DNS

The first step is to decide a domain you would like to use. Next, add as a CNAME record in the domain's DNS.

Here are some links to help you with popular domain registrars. You can follow these steps to add required DNS record.

Step 2: Open white label settings

You can open White Label setup screen by navigating as below:

  1. Open Account Menu > Your Endpoints > Settings for the selected endpoint. uploading-oas-in-beeceptor

  2. Scroll down the settings page to go to the 'Custom Domain' section. white-label-beeceptor-setup

  3. Switch the toggle to 'On'.

Step 3: Validate the DNS

To verify your domain, enter its name and click the 'Verify' button. Upon successful verification, you'll receive a confirmation message, and you're now all set to use it.

If you encounter any errors during the verification process, please wait for some time as DNS propagation can take up to 24 hours to complete. If the issue persists, feel free to reach out to our support team at support@ for further assistance.

Step 4: Test the setup

Send a GET request to You should be able to see this request on the Beeceptor dashboard. This means you are all set to start using it.


  • It can take some time for a change in DNS record to propagate over the Internet. If you're experiencing issues with verification, please try again after some time.
  • At Beeceptor, each domain name must be unique. If the domain you've provided is already being used and verified with another endpoint, you won't be able to use it for your endpoint.
  • Both the white labeled domain and the sub-domain provided by Beeceptor are capable of accepting incoming requests.
  • Beeceptor generates an SSL certificate on-demand, which is done while serving the first HTTP request. This process may result in higher latencies for the first request to this domain.