Instant Mock APIs
Integrate & Refine API Contracts With Ease

Keep your projects on track with Beeceptor. Start building now!

Beeceptor lets you host a fake or dummy API for free. Configure static or dynamic HTTP responses, customize status codes, simulate error scenarios effortlessly for Rest and SOAP/XML APIs.

This will create a public endpoint using the HTTP GET method. You can make changes to the method, latencies, payload, and other HTTP aspects in the next step.

Stop Worrying About the Hassles of Backend. Focus on Building Your App!

Tired of the backend server hassle at project kick-off? We've got the solution. Beeceptor gives no-code dummy APIs and JSON data hosting for your apps. Integrate your web/mobile app with the hosted mock API contracts. The best part? Parallel development, ship faster!

Why Do You Need A Mock API?

Explore the diverse use cases

Waiting For An API?

Enable parallel development of frontend and backend components with a mock server. Accelerate time to market.

Tired of CORS Roadblocks?

Temporarily unlock an API from CORS constraints by using Beeceptor's enveloping magic. It supports all origins.

Trying A Webhook?

Create an HTTP endpoint. Capture and review webhook payloads. Forward the requests to a service on localhost.

Need To Share API Contracts?

Eliminate guesswork. Share API requests and responses with teammates using Beeceptor's public sharable links.

Unstable Integration Environment?

Gain control over API integrations in a broken environment. Host API contracts on Beeceptor, and seamlessly complete the integrations.

Prototype Quickly With Beeceptor

Build lifelike APIs using FakerJs templates in Beeceptor. Reuse request parameters in the response payload.

Looking For A Headless Content Management System?

Beeceptor's hosted mock APIs is a lightweight CMS solution to remotely change data and control app behavior.

Validate & Iterate On API Design

Instantly deploy contract changes on Beeceptor's mock, and save time on backend service redeployment.