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40% of software developers report API hindrances, causing delayed delivery!

Beeceptor rescues developers from API hurdles.

Beeceptor is the ultimate productivity booster, solving the frontend developer's pain point of unavailable APIs. You can instantly create a mock server without coding, inspect HTTP traffic in real-time, and receive desired responses. No downloads and no dependencies.

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Remove Impediments With App Development

Building web or mobile apps should be a seamless journey, but too often, developers encounter roadblocks that slow them down.

  • Unstable integration environment: There can be frequent deployments to the integration environment by others, causing disruptions. Beeceptor lets you record API responses once and mock them for your development.
  • Authentication Hurdles: With Beeceptor, you can host API contracts and start integrating with mock API payloads, all while bypassing authentication complexities.
  • Rate Limiting: If an API is down because of rate limit, switch to a mocked version and integrate faster without any productivity loss.
  • CORS Complexities: Beeceptor enables all origins for CORS, liberating you from these complexities temporarily. Just wrap an API endpoint with Beeceptor proxy and unblock your integration.
  • Test Data and Format Inconsistencies: Beeceptor's mock API is your lifesaver. Keep development smooth until the backend is fixed and say goodbye to integration hiccups.

Discover how Beeceptor empowers your development Workflow with API Mocking, HTTP Proxy, and Local-Tunnel toolkit.

Faster Feedback

Experience faster feedback for API contracts with mock servers. Let developers iterate and catch issues before implementation. Early detection saves you the high cost of fixing bugs down the road.

Parallel Development

With a mock API server, frontend developers can work independent of the backend team, even before the actual API is implemented or deployed.

Testing early and often

Developers can use mock API servers to test their code early in the development cycle and also test edge cases and error scenarios without affecting the actual API or test data setup.

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1 Developers facing at least one hindrance relating to API breakages or unavailability in a month. Source: Statista.com: API performance in organizations worldwide 2020