Mock Server Catalog

Ready-to-use mock servers for you

You can instantly access and use these pre-created and pre-configured mock servers. Simply pick a service, copy the provided API endpoint and enjoy the convenience of realistic API responses as if they were actually called. Join the vibrant community and leverage these mock servers, saving time, accelerating development, and boosting productivity.

Sendgrid V3

SendGrid is a cloud-based email delivery service that provides developers with a reliable and scalable platform to send transactional and marketing emails. It offers a comprehensive set of features and APIs that enable developers to easily integrate email functionality into their applications, websites, or services.


Posthook is a service that enables developers to automate and streamline post-receive tasks and processes in their software development workflow. It is commonly used in scenarios where actions need to be triggered automatically after a code repository receives new commits or changes.


Twilio is a cloud communications platform that provides a range of APIs for developers to integrate various communication functionalities into their applications. Twilio APIs enableyou to programmatically send and receive SMS, MMS, make and receive voice calls, handle video calls, and implement other communication features.


GitHub? Who doesn't know about this powerhouse? It is a web-based platform that provides version control for software development projects. It allows developers to collaborate on code, track changes, and manage projects in a distributed and efficient manner. GitHub uses Git, a distributed version control system, to track and manage changes to project files.


This mock server leverages Beeceptor features to provide a free and openly accessible fake REST API. This is ideally suited for testing and prototyping requirements. There are a variety of endpoints available and each provides JSON for resources such as posts, users, comments, todos, etc. The mock server generates realistic random data on every invocation.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

Designing a complete JSON REST API for a crypto wallet is a comprehensive task that requires careful consideration of various functionalities and security measures. Here, we are providing you with an overview of the API endpoints and payloads for some essential operations. Keep in mind that this is a basic outline, and you may need to expand and customize it based on your specific requirements and security considerations.