Beeceptor is open for anyone to try, experience and share. There is a small fee for higher usage, and this comes with useful features. At Beeceptor we are open to feedback. We may implement specific asks for paid users in a blink!







50 requests per day(per day, per endpoint)15,000 requests(per month, per endpoint)100,000 requests(per month, per endpoint)
Public dashboard,
Open endpoints(anyone can inspect/manage)
Private dashboard
Reserved for you(only you can inspect/manage)
Private dashboard
Reserved for your team(only you can inspect/manage)
Dynamic Mock Responses
(use request payload parameters
in the mocked response)
Dynamic Mock Responses
(use request payload parameters
in the mocked response)
Beeceptor APIs
(manage mocking rules
and retrieve request history)
Subscribe for $10
Subscribe for $25

Request history(last 10 days)
Share with your team
(invited members can inspect)
Email supportEmail support

(All prices are in USD)

20% discount on annual subscription (pre-payment)

If you are looking for bigger, enterprise or plans with multiple endpoints, please reach out via feedback page.

Pricing FAQ

How do I upgrade to a paid plan?

Click on the 'Subscribe' button above and specify the endpoint name in the next page. Your payment will be processed by PayPal.

Is there any discount or coupon?

There is a 20% discount if you pick an annual subscription (pre-payment).

Can I upgrade without a recurring commitment?

Yes. We offer a one-off 30 days plan. If your requirement is for a few days, feel free to pick this.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Once you login, click on 'Your Subscriptions' under the account menu. Here, you can cancel an active subscriptions anytime.

If I cancel my paid plan will I get a refund?

You can cancel your recurring plan anytime. No refunds are provided for the current cycle/period.

Apart from PayPal, is there any other way of making payment?

Yes. The other mode of payment is Wire Transfer (to India) and accepted only for the annual subscriptions.

Features Included In All Plans

  • Use rules to create mock.
  • Introduce delay in sending response.
  • Real-time intercepting of request and response payloads. Viewable on dashboard.
  • CORS Support: All the mock responses include CORS headers to work seamlessly.
  • Proxy setup: Helps you route requests to target/original API.