Superpowers for API developers!

Beeceptor goes beyond being a mere API mocking tool. It revolutionizes your API design (Create > refine > iterate), development, integration, verification, and debugging experiences, propelling them to new heights. Join the thriving community of thousands of developers who leverage Beeceptor to enhance their productivity every single day.

Build Mock APIs - Superfast!

Get your mock API endpoint up and running in seconds - No Coding Required. Just define API path, response and start hitting the endpoint.
Create A Mock API

Reverse Proxy - Intercept & Inspect

Wrap your existing API endpoint with Beeceptor sub-domain and inspect all the traffic going to the original domain. Beeceptor acts as a proxy-server and helps in inspecting headers and body for HTTP requests.
Discover Reverse Proxy

Proxy Mode - Mock or Forward

When you use proxy mode, you can use rules to mock a few requests and forward the rest to target domain. If no rules are matched, the request is forwarded to original target and your application works as usual.
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CORS Friendly (preflight requests)

Beeceptor, comes with CORS support and all origins are accepted out of the box.

Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *
OPTIONS calls will get '200 OK' always.

Webhook Development

Either you are consuming a webhook or building one, you shall need to inspect and debug HTTP calls. Get 200 OK.

E.g. Shopify, Stripe, Zoho, Sendgrid, Jira, Gitlab, PipeDream, IFTTT, Zapier, etc.

Local Tunnel - Expose to the world!

Beeceptor's Local Tunneling lets you easily bind a web service on your localhost to a Beeceptor's endpoint. All the requests hitting the Beeceptor will be routed to a local port and response is served to the caller.
Expose local port using tunnels

Simulate latencies & timeouts

Simulate higher latencies by introducing delays and timeouts to the mocking rules. Helps you validate rarely reachable code paths.

Use Beeceptor APIs

Use Beeceptor APIs and manage mocking rules programmatically in your CI tests. Validate if the mocked request received required parameters.
Checkout Beeceptor APIs

Bring Your OAS Spec!

Beeceptor takes your OpenAPI Specification to next level by hosting a mock server with just one click. You can now upload the specification file to an endpoint and start serving requests.
Upload an OAS spec

Mock Downstream Services

Consider you are working on API 'A', and downstream micro-services are 'B' and 'C. Beeceptor can help you mock B and C to test paths that were not possible before.

E.g. when API-B times-out or erred, how does API-A behave?

Dynamic Mocked Response

Use fake data generators and get a near to real mocked response.
Using Templates Variables

Share a request/response sample

An intercepted request can be shared with peers easily. Get a unique permanent link to share with your peers.
Explore Sharing

Requests logging

Search and review all the captured requests and responses. You can filter these by the response-code or request-path to drill down. The requests are available and searchable for 10 days.
Dive Into Requests Log

Single Page Application - SPA

One great usage is during SPA development. You need first few ajax request to initialize the page and later mocking new calls. Beeceptor can route requests to original target without breaking your flow.

Load Testing an API

When your API consumes 3rd party APIs, load testing is difficult. Just wrapping an 3rd party API and enable/disable rules helps here. E.g. sending a transactional emails when your API is called - why not mock Sendgrid/SES/MailGun/PostMark APIs.

Production vs New Code

You can switch the target endpoint anytime. This helps you validate a test against deployed code vs new code in development. E.g. does this GET call return same data for new vs old code?

UI Development

Is the data contract ready between UI and API developer? Just mock the response and unblock UI developers.

Beeceptor vs Postman

Checkout how Beeceptor differentiates vs Postman and why you should switch to Beeceptor for API mocking use-cases.

Beeceptor demo